Selling Capital Using a Credit Card

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I work in a private company, but I like to sell. That’s why I sell after I get home from work. The capital is easy, not big, internet capital, handphone and money capital. Specifically for money capital, I don’t even use private money, but I sell capital using a credit card.

Because I work at an office, I can apply for a credit card. I hold two credit cards, Lite Lending credit cards and Megarite credit cards. Especially for the Lite Lending credit card, I have held it for more than a year, while for Megarite , it has only been for a few months.


How do credit cards become capital for sales?

credit cards become capital for sales?

I sell several products such as makeup, fashion bags and shoes, and other products such as Tupperware, clothes, etc. I take these products using a credit card that I have. Then I sell again with a little profit.

I sell through social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. If you use a credit card, it’s good we have 45 days to pay the bills. So, easily 45 days is the period of time I sell and spend the product I bought with a credit card.

My customers are fine and almost always pay for items purchased on time. So I can pay credit card bills well. Using a credit card for selling capital I think it’s good, because we rotate money there. Besides getting reward points, you can also profit.


Using a Credit Card for Capital Sales, Not New

Credit Card for Capital Sales, Not New

Actually, using a credit card for selling capital is not new. There are many financially savvy people out there who have successfully used credit cards for business purposes, you know. So, credit cards are for consumption purposes only? No way, you can also be creative with your credit card.

For example, Anna Flex uses her credit card to source business capital. His expertise in utilizing unsecured loans in the form of credit cards deserves thumbs up. Until now, including success in running the Tupper-ware business.

Well, do you have a credit card and business hobby? Try to use a credit card to support your business.